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As a Customer What would do to keep your ERP Implementation intact
Proactively define Business Process-- Take the Project Ownership
Handover everything to System Integrator from drawing BP till implementation of ERP
Hire more inhouse skilled & capable IT Resource to work directly with SI
Rely on SI Architects/Consultants
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Baxa UK select ESS to inject new life into their Financial Reporting!
By tony cregg at 10 Jul 2009 - 09:50

30-June 2009 - ESS announced today that Baxa Ltd have selected Essential Spreadsheet Server for use with Infor™ BAAN to radically improve their Financial Reporting capabilities in Microsoft® Excel. In addition, Baxa will utilise the Distribution Manager product to automate the delivery of key business information throughout the organisation.


ESS worked strategically with Neustro, business systems experts who are specialists in Infor™ BAAN and a member of ESS’s certified partner network, to provide their solutions to Baxa. For more information about Neustro visit


BAXA develops technology for the PHARMACY and NURSING environments. Their products, systems and professional services focus on safer, faster solutions for preparing, handling, packaging and administering medications. They deliver customer value worldwide by STREAMLINING pharmacy procedures and SUPPORTING nursing care to enhance patient outcomes and reduce operating costs.


Merino to Train students with Infor ERP LN Education and Certification Programs
By rishibansal at 7 Jul 2009 - 14:44

New Delhi, 1st July 2009 – Merino Services Limited (MSL) announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Infor to become Infor’s Education Partner in India. The academy would be the first of its kind in Asia. Under the agreement, MSL will establish training centers in the country, providing professional training and certification on Infor ERP LN (previously known as Baan). The announcement of the agreement was marked by the opening of the Delhi institute at 70, KLJ Complex, Moti Nagar-New Delhi-110015. In the next 3 months, institutes at major hubs such as Bangalore, Varanasi and Ahmedabad will open up followed by institutes covering many other major cities – Mumbai, Kolkata, Nagpur, Pune, Chandigarh and Noida.The partnership is expected to boost the development of the local ERP market by increasing the pool of certified ERP professionals in India.



Merino Services - Infor Partner with most successful ERP LN track record now in US
By rishibansal at 5 Jun 2009 - 18:09

 This can be one of the most exciting news for the Infor ERP LN/ Baan community in United States. Merino Services Limited which is one of the strategic and most successful Infor Partners in Asia has now started its operations in United States. US subsidiary of MSL is Merino Consulting Services LLC.


Merino brings its experience with more the 50 Infor ERP LN and Baan customers to United States. Some of the key strengths and achievements of Merino are as follows:

Merino Services selected to implement Infor ERP LN at Shilp Gravures
By rishibansal at 3 Jun 2009 - 15:26

It gives Merino Services an emmense pleasure to share yet another success story. On 27th May 2009, Shilp Gravures selected MSL as their Parter-2-Progress for implementation of Infor ERP LN.


MSL is expected to play an important role in implementation, Change management and adoption of ERP culture in this new initiative of Shilp Gravures. Shilp Gravures management formed a dedicated team headed by Mr. Amber Patel (Managing Director), MR DN Parikh (Head Finance) and Mr Hasit Shah (Head IT) for selection of most suitable ERP system for the organization. After going through approx 6 months of rigorous evaluation process Shilp Gravures selected Infor ERP LN as the product to be implemented.  According to Shilp Gravures Management team, after evaluating various available ERP solutions like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and ERP LN they selected Infor ERP LN because it fulfill Shilp Gravures requirements more efficiently, and MSL being one of the most reliable and strategic partner of Infor was the right choice for implementation of the solution.


About Shilp Gravures

Merino Services migrates Paharpur Cooling towers to Infor ERP LN FP2 with 100% Historic Data
By rishibansal at 29 May 2009 - 19:57

It gives Merino Services an immense pleasure to announce that Paharpur Cooling Towers Limited (PCTL) has gone line on Infor ERP LN FP2. PCLT selected Merino as Partner-2-Progress to migrate them from Infor ERP LN SP0 to Infor ERP LN FP2. PCTL management formed a dedicated team headed by Mr. Vineet Rohtagi (General Manager- Business Development) and supported by Mr KK Mishra, After going through long discussions and meetings PCTL has awarded the project to MSL in month of December, 2008. 



Historic Achievement: MSL has Migrated 100% historical data (More than 400 GB) from Infor Ln SP0 to Ln FP 2 which has been first time ever in history. 


Key Challenges:

ONO joins Baanboard as first German sponsor!
By patvdv at 28 May 2009 - 21:51

ONO LogoI can happily announce that ONO has joined the ranks of forum sponsors! It will be sponsoring the Deutches forum for the next 6 months. Please visit their website at


About ONO GmbH:

Wir sprechen Baan!


Seit vielen Jahren bieten wir aus Erfahrung und mit Cleverness zeitgemäße und wirtschaftliche Lösungen für Ihre Baan-Umgebung. So migrieren wir beispielsweise Ihr Baan-System mit geringem Aufwand auf neue Hardware und ein Linux-System.

Aber wir sprechen auch viele andere Sprachen!


So bieten wir mit unserem Konzept Simple Solutions einfache und verblüffende Lösungen für komplexe IT-Probleme auf allen Plattformen. Tools, Arbeitsumgebungen, virtuelle Server und vieles mehr.

Integral IT Consulting becomes Baanboard's newest sponsor
By patvdv at 25 Apr 2009 - 21:03

IITC logoI am happy to announce that Integral IT Consulting has joined our site as a sponsor for the Tools & Administration forum. Please visit their website at


About Integral IT Consulting:

Integral IT Consulting, LLC specializes in providing Baan Tools and related technical services to SMBs in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. Integral's key service offerings include Baan Tools (Administration & Development), Systems Integration, Data Conversion, Data Migration and database services. With over 20 years consulting experience and 12 years experience with Baan technologies, Integral's principals are able to deliver immediate value to clients seeking technical resources for Baan or Baan related projects. Integral believes that they are key to consulting success is client education. Whether through "hands on" training, client specific procedure documentation or project documentation, Integral strives to educate in every activity of every project. For more information please see our website at


ESSENTIAL Spreadsheet Server for Baan and ERP LN
By tony cregg at 16 Mar 2009 - 22:18

ESS logoESS is pleased to announce that it is has signed Merino Services Limited (MSL) as a partner for the marketing of ESSENTIAL SPREADSHEET SERVER FOR BAAN and ERP LN throughout India. ESSENTIAL SPREADSHEET SERVER FOR BAAN is a Microsoft Excel Add-on that allows for Financial Reporting directly from Baan and Infor ERP LN with the added ability to drill down to the underlying data.


Rishi Bansal, Vice President- Global Business, MSL said “this is a fantastic tool, which strengthen MSL’s portfolio of Add On for Baan / ERP LN. Tool can help the BAAN/ ERP LN customer achieve more from the investments they have made in their Enterprise Systems. It is very simple to use and allows the user to access live financial data within Excel which can bring tremendous data analysis capabilities to the finance users in the organization, we are sure this product will be a great success with Indian customers”.


MSL signs RCS-KIDE as customer to implement Baan IV c4
By rishibansal at 14 Mar 2009 - 08:59

Merino ServicesOn 12th March 2009, MSL signed RCS-KIDE India as customer. RCS-KIDE a subsidiary to KIDE Spain which is presently using Infor Baan IV c4 (SP7) in Spain. As an intention to be on a single Enterprise platform, RCS-KIDE has decided to implement Infor Baan IV c4 system in India.


RCS-KIDE as selected MSL a Parter-2-Progress as consulting partner for implementing Infor Baan IV c4. MSL objective is to implement Baan IV c4 (Sp18) with configuration similar to KIDE Spain implementation along with implementation of India localization and applying the customizations done in Spain. As a true Partner-2-Progress, MSL is also going to provide Post Go Live 1st Quarter closing in the system for RCS-KIDE as commitment of ensuring success. MSL consider RCS-KIDE win as an important milestone in its GO-Global strategy. KIDE relationship shall play an important role in making MSL a Partner-2-Progress for global Infor customers. 


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