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By patvdv at 26 Feb 2008 - 21:57 *,,


#include <bic_gbf>

long open.strategy)
long open.strategy)
long open.strategy)
long open.strategy)


These functions set the open or close strategy, which is what the GBF should do when an interior node is closed and opened again as well as what should be done on the Open All menu item or Ctrl+O keystroke.

The function deals with what to do with the children when reopening an interior node. The open.strategy in this case may be one of:


Open again all interior nodes which were already open when the original interior node was closed. That is restore the full state after a close &#x0096; reopen sequence.


Do not open the interior nodes when reopening the original interior node, that is closes all these sub nodes.


Delete all nodes beneath the given node, which implies that when reopening this node its children will be read again.

The default of GBF is to have the open.type set to GBF.OPEN.AGAIN.

This open and close strategy is determined at the moment when the interior node gets closed (double click on open interior node and so on.). So when closing such a node, changing the open strategy and reopening that same interior node will reveal the contents of that node using the previous strategy and not the current strategy.

The function deals with the Open All (Ctrl+O) menu item (keystroke) action. It determines what should be done on this action. The open.strategy in this case may be one of:


Open only what is already known to the GBF. In other words use only that what has already been read before.


First performs a read all (that is: menu item: Read All or keystroke Ctrl+R) and then open all nodes.

The function determines on which object the Open All (Ctrl+O) menu item (keystroke) action works. The open.strategy in this case may be one of:


Operate on the whole object tree


When one or more objects are currently selected then operate only on these objects, otherwise operate on the whole object tree.

For the function the open.strategy is a combination of these three. These option flags should be add (&#x0091;+&#x0092;) or bit.or()&#x0092;ed. The default of GBF for is:


Take care when using in cases where only one or two of the open strategy parts has to be changed, since the other values should remain unchanged. This is in fact the reason why the other three functions are added. For example, when one wants to use the GBF.OPEN.READALL strategy the following code should be used:

 function long
         long retval, strategy
    retval =
         if retval < 0 then      return (retval) endif
         strategy = GBF.OPEN.READALL +
    bit.and(strategy, bit.inv(GBF.OPEN.NOREAD + GBF.OPEN.READALL))
         return (



See above.

Return values


Successful completion


Unknown open.strategy specified


GBF is not in the right state to deal with this function

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