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Which method you mostly follow during Infor Product implementation?
Lean Development
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Solution for SCM Process using Digital Steps
By cute_kanku at 27 Apr 2020 - 14:38

We talk about Evolving Technology, but have you ever considered Digital transformation with Business Process Management?

Lot of system ERP Integrators actually convince their customers by pitching the ability of Cloud ERP, Giving glimpse of future business process aligning to ERP. Technology should be tweaked to certain extent not the business process. Ideally keeping your single instance ERP with multiple digital applications (HCM, Web based applications, E commerce system, Hybrid cloud etc.

How often system integrator offer you solutions for SCM/ Manufacturing?


As organizations continue to move toward intelligent, self-correcting supply chains, there are three strategies to consider:

Re-evaluate the sourcing strategy and redesign the supplier network.

Build smarter supply chain modeling and scenario analysis.

Set up data-sharing platforms.


Note: Use digital feasibility to provide both immediate assessment and the longer-term ability to continually evaluate the fine balance between lean operations and risk mitigation.

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