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Zoom to default value in ttadv4522s000 session.
By kingsley143 at 3 Jun 2016 - 05:06

I am giving table name and field name  input seperatly on form. First I enter table name (e.g. tiitm001) as input to form  then I want to zoom to by default fields of that table.

I have given zoom of session ttadv4522s000(Display  table fields) to input  field  on form but when i zoom  it opens baolx001 table fields where as I am giving table value as tiitm001.

I want to dislpay fields of table which I am giving as input.

Below is the screen shot of my form.



Kindly help.


 Form Scrrnshot

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by bhushanchanda on June 3, 2016 - 9:10am
bhushanchanda's picture

Please post your code in the related forums and not as blogs.

You can try using selection filter for zooming to correct records.

by mark_h on June 3, 2016 - 3:26pm
mark_h's picture
Bhushan is correct - post in a forum and if necessary moderators can move the post around to the appropriate forum. I never read blogs for issues. For you case you need to put more that a table name - the zoom should look something like this:
	ttadv422.cpac =	"ti"
	ttadv422.cmod = "pgc"
	ttadv422.flno = "001"
	ttadv422.vers = "B40U"
	ttadv422.rele = "c4"
	ttadv422.cust = "and1"
	last.msg =$("ttadv4522s000", Z.SESSION, "", "", 0)

This some quick code I put together once before - last message will contain a table name and a field name. Like tiitm001.item. When creating zooms like this look at the table and see what fields are in the primary index. In the case of this table you will also need to know the VRC it is in.

by Ajesh on June 4, 2016 - 1:09pm
Ajesh's picture
Just try putting in before.zoom of the Table Fields field

   ttadv422.cpac = table.cpac
   ttadv422.cmod = table.cmod
   ttadv422.flno = table.flno
Assuming that this is done after you split the form field into table.cpac,table.cmod and table.flno.

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