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Infor ERP LN for Packaging Industry
By coservesolution at 27 Jul 2015 - 09:15

Infor ERP LN for Packaging Industry

  PCF Integration with Corrugator Industry

Product packaging has evolved throughout many decades. In the olden days, wooden boxes stuffed with hay or cotton played a huge role in providing the much required safety while transporting goods. Nowadays we see that corrugated boxes have taken over wooden boxes and other similar options. Corrugated boxes have replaced these old means of packaging because they are known for their durability and strength. These boxes come at a much lower rate than wooden boxes and are not as heavy as a wooden box of the same size would be.

Quality” is not usually the first word that comes to mind when someone talks about cardboard shipping boxes, but just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a box is only as useful as its worst side. In this vein, Custom Boxes Now! takes a great deal of pride in our shipping box products.

Custom Boxes Now! is committed to sustainability. Being sustainable means not only good long-term business thinking, it means minimizing our environmental impact because it’s the right thing to do.

Modern packaging systems are as quick and efficient as ever.  Globalization has also helped the packaging industry grow, as more and more companies are doing business overseas.  As the global economy becomes more interdependent, the packaging industry will continue to prosper.

Business Challenges and Summary of Key Findings in Corrugated Industries:

In Corrugated industries, we have different types of characteristics based on which the design, strength and sustainability of the corrugated box may vary.

Based on the characteristics and dimensions(lbh), we need to calculate the attributes like Paper size, Corrugator output, Trim, Gross weight, Sheet length and width etc; for the correct design of the box.

The Strength and sustainability depends on the “type of materials” and “Flutes” that are used for the production.

Types of Corrugating Materials:



Types of Flutes:

The “Flute” describes the structure of the wave shaped cardboard material that makes up a board’s corrugation.

The standard profiles are:

A-flute = 36 flutes/linear foot (4-4.8mm)

B-flute = 49 flutes/linear foot (2.1-3mm)

C-flute = 41 flutes/linear foot (3.2-3.9mm)

E-flute = 90 flutes/linear foot (1-1.8mm)
F-flute = 128 flutes/linear foot (0.75mm)





 In a corrugator industry, since there are so many attributes in order to arrive at the end product, we can use PCF. The Product Configuration (PCF) module provides the ability to support the planning and manufacturing of products that have many variations and possibilities.

 The Product Configurator eliminates the need for a manually maintained Bill of Material and Routing for each end item and can simplify the order entry process.

 We can have the Integration to the Logistics and Finance and for every logistic transaction we have a financial transaction that is triggered in the system which helps in tracking.

 Ability to derive the COGS, due to direct integration between PCF, Manufacturing, and Logistics and Finance thereby achieving COGS in Kgs.

PCF Procedure


Assessment of PCF:

In addition to regular Manufacturing process, PCF has got an edge by supporting more functionalities which are suited for corrugator process industries.

In-order to create the product structure with all the possible variants of a product model we need to setup the following in PCF

  • Create generic items, BOMs, and routings
  • Define features and options for generic items
  • Define constraints and link them to features, BOMs, routings , generic item data
  • Create generic item data, including item codes and descriptions, based on feature and option selections.

PCF Setup in Corrugator:

A generic item Box is maintained in PCF set up.

  • Raw material set up is combination of grammage, quality and paper size. ( Ex: MC 150 / 1800 )
  • Generic routing is maintained for generic item.

Ex: Corrugator, Flexo, Slotting, Cutting, Printing etc.

  • For the manufactured item to be configured, we have mapped different constraints which reduces the manual work in the calculations of Gross weights, paper sizes, corrugator trim, corrugator out etc; we have used validations, Before Inputs and Parameter substitutions vigorously in the constraints.

Different Attributes for a Corrugator:





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