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Consignment Owned/Not Owned concept
By nick.akre at 19 Nov 2014 - 07:52

Hello All,

Conceptually Consignment owned and Consignment not owner type of warehouses are understood. Can anyone give me documentation stepwise

1) How Consignment Replenishment Purchase Order is executed in Infor LN FP9?

2) How Consignment Payment Order is executed ?

Giving up the detaiiled steps or any documentation for the same will be of great help. 

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by pillai.ganesh on November 21, 2014 - 9:46am
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Flow related to use of "Consignment Not Owned - Warehouse":
1. Purchase Order Type with "Consignment Replenishment" flag set to yes must be used to create a "Consignment Purchase Order".
2. Receive this inventory in "Consignment Not Owned - Warehouse"
3. Now, When ever you Sell the inventory from "Consignment Not Owned - Warehouse", a "Consignment Payment Order" will be created.
4. A "Consignment Payment Order" is a Order with a Purchase Order type that has "Consignment Payment"flag set to yes.

Flow related to use of "Consignment Owned - Warehouse":
1. Sales Order type with "Consignment Replenishment" flag set to yes should be used to Sale goods on "Consignment Owned" terms.
If this check box is selected, and the sales order is released to Warehousing, a warehousing order of the Transfer type is created. Goods are stored at a business partner's location, and payment is not received until the goods are used or sold.
2. Now whenever the Business Partner consumes inventory from the Consignment Owned Warehouse a "Consignment Invoicing" order is created.
3. A "Consignment Invoicing Order" is a Order with a sales Order type that has "Consignment Invoicing" flag set to yes.
If this check box is selected, sales orders for this order type are used for invoicing consigned inventory that is consumed.

I hope this information will be enough to work with these functionalities on the system.

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