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Advanced Excel Training resources
By Hitesh Shah at 20 Feb 2009 - 07:44

Advanced Excel Training blog 

Spreadsheets are great number-crunching analytical tools. Knowing it’s analytical capabilities and generating MIS speedily with such spreadsheets, is very critical to success of any manager. And it’s successful usage ensures insights unlimited, ingenuity guaranteed and intelligence free from any shackles. And this in turn leads to lean and mean system architecture least recurring costs while maximizing gains.

Here is a blog to sharpen one's MS Excel analytical skills of Baan and ERPJewels users with lots of training material for MS Excel. Though most  training material is specific to Office 2007, it can be useful for earlier (or even later) versions for most compatible features and functions. One can download this MS Excel training resources from this link. The zip file contains following documents. 

  1. msexcel command.doc – Various keyboard mouse shortcuts to do repetitive mundane chores. Learning this can enhance MS Excel productivity and throughput of an executive.
  2. Excel function reference.doc – Ready short reference of MS Excel functions. Useful to understand function descriptions.
  3. Excel_formula01.xls and excel-formula.xls – Excellent WYSIWYG guide to using MS excel functions with various illustrations. Very much useful
  4. vbaxl10.chm and excel vba primer.pdf – These contains guide to MS Excel macro programming with explanation of MS  Excel object model . Learning this one can do lot of repetitive work (like adding hyperlinks , showing information is specific XL templates ,saving the output in html format, image embedding,adding smart tags etc )   in Excel without buying any other programming tools and increase office productivity. An easy way to start this is by recording macros and then debugging using F5 , F8 keys with immediate window to display program activity.

At times people  say that wrong decisions are taken due to usage of spreadsheets . Though I disagree for the most , but I agree with this partial fact. The reason behind is not spreadsheet itself  its  the lack of knowledge and ignorance about spreadsheet that causes such errors . Hope these training resources addresses  this  lacunae and enables people  to kickstart on Excel .

Acknowledgements & Disclaimers

All these documents are compiled by Jewelex from internet resources of authors of these documents. And any intentional misuse detrimental to the interests of Jewelex, Baanboard or authors of these docs is unintended and may invite action from respective parties. These documents are strictly for non-commercial self usage.

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