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gbernal's blog
Session tuxch0223m000 lasts a lot of time
By gbernal at 23 Mar 2011 - 21:11

Hello all,

 We are using Exchange Schemes for updating a customized table in our production environment. In the table there's a enumerated field which contains a status for each record, this field help us to control other processes so is not required to be updated by the exchange. The Exchange scheme has been configurated for no updating, no deleting, no overwriting records only adding in the session tuxch0121m000.

If a new record validated by the primary key in the table (a field with a consecutive number) doesn't exist the Exchange works fine, quickly inserts the record in the table with the session tuxch0223m000 (Import data no regularly), but if a second execution for the same flat file with the same data in the record is carried out it lasts a lot. Before it didn't work in this way, the session also worked quickly for a second try with the same flat file.

¿Does someone know what the problem could be?

Tks in advance.

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