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Manual into new VRC
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Industry & Technology

Star Trek beams up its first ever female director for next film - CNET - News - 1 hour 19 min ago
S.J. Clarkson makes sci-fi history as the first woman to direct Spock and his fellow Enterprise shipmates in "Star Trek 4."

GitLab crawling back online after breaking its brain in two

The Register - 1 hour 30 min ago
Database replication SNAFU took down three out of five PostgreSQL servers

In a classic example of the genre, GitLab yesterday dented its performance by accidentally triggering a database failover.…

Square to buy website-building company Weebly for $365M - CNET - News - 1 hour 38 min ago
The deal is expected to accelerate Square's international expansion.

Did you guess 2019 for Intel's 10nm chip ramp up? Congratulations

The Register - 2 hours 14 min ago
Process node stalled again over manufacturing nightmares – but hey, money's still pouring in

Meltdown? What meltdown? Intel's 50th birthday in July should be a hell of a bash as the chipmaker is flush with cash and reckons 2018 might well be a record-breaking year.…

Sprint, T-Mobile reportedly may wrap up deal talks by next week - CNET - News - 2 hours 38 min ago
The wireless carriers are talking about how they would exercise voting control over the combined company, Reuters reports.

Court sends Telstra a truly premium bill, for AU$10 MEELLION

The Register - 2 hours 49 min ago
Rest of industry warned to check its PBD practices

In March, Telstra acquiesced to allegations from Australia's competition regulator that it was helping scammers load up unwanted services on customers' mobile bills.…

Yahoo is making it harder for users to sue - CNET - News - 3 hours 34 min ago
A class action waiver and mutual arbitration clause are two big changes for Yahoo users as the site integrates further into the Verizon Oath family.

Amazon: For every dollar of op. profit going into Bezos' pockets, 73 cents came from AWS

The Register - 3 hours 35 min ago
It's pretty much a cloud provider with a gift shop on the side on Thursday reported $51bn in sales for its Q1 2018, an increase of 43 per cent from $35.7bn in the year-ago quarter.…

2019 Toyota Avalon Release Date, Price and Specs - Roadshow - Reviews - 3 hours 52 min ago
From the ride to the tech to the cabin comfort, the 2019 Avalon is a huge improvement, but its aggressive front end is going to take a lot of getting used to.

NASA to pay more for less cargo delivery to the space station

Ars Technica - 4 hours 4 min ago

Enlarge / A Falcon 9 rocket launches a cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station in 2016. (credit: SpaceX)

A new analysis finds that NASA will pay significantly more for commercial cargo delivery to the International Space Station in the 2020s rather than enjoying cost savings from maturing systems. According to a report by the space agency’s inspector general, Paul Martin, NASA will likely pay $400 million more for its second round of delivery contracts from 2020 to 2024 even though the agency will be moving six fewer tons of cargo. On a cost per kilogram basis, this represents a 14-percent increase.

One of the main reasons for this increase, the report says, is a 50-percent increase in prices from SpaceX, which has thus far flown the bulk of missions for NASA’s commercial cargo program with its Dragon spacecraft and Falcon 9 rocket.

This is somewhat surprising because, during the first round of supply missions, which began in 2012, SpaceX had substantially lower costs than NASA’s other partner, Orbital ATK. SpaceX and Orbital ATK are expected to fly 31 supply missions between 2012 and 2020, the first phase of the supply contract. Of those, the new report states, SpaceX is scheduled to complete 20 flights at an average cost of $152.1 million per mission. Orbital ATK is scheduled to complete 11 missions at an average cost of $262.6 million per mission.

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Genealogy site credited with helping ID Golden State Killer suspect - CNET - News - 4 hours 7 min ago
Authorities say consumer DNA databases provided their big break, but popular sites deny involvement.

The DS X E-Tense Concept is an asymmetrical, electric French fever dream - Roadshow - News - 4 hours 10 min ago
With 1360 electric horsepower routed to the front wheel only and one of the weirdest passenger layouts yet described to us, the DS X E-Tense promises a weird, wonderful future.

Genealogy websites identify rape suspect who eluded police for 40 years

Ars Technica - 4 hours 15 min ago

Enlarge / Mug shot of Joseph James DeAngelo. (credit: Sacramento County Sheriff's Department)

For over four decades, a suspect in more than 50 extremely sadistic rapes and 12 murders eluded police in Northern California. On Tuesday, he was arrested after investigators tracked him down using online genealogical databases that contained genetic information from a relative, news organizations reported Thursday.

The identification of 72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo as the East Area Rapist began with the recovery years ago of DNA from a crime scene. Over the years, investigators compared the DNA to profiles on one or more undisclosed genealogy databases. Eventually, investigators found one or more distant relatives of DeAngelo's and traced their DNA to him. The Sacramento Bee, citing the Sacramento County District Attorney's office, reported here that the crucial lead came from "various websites that cater to individuals wanting to know more about their family backgrounds by accepting DNA samples from them."

The New York Times, meanwhile, said here that the match came from a commercial online genealogy database. The NYT continued:

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Jeep's Grand Commander 3-row SUV lands in China - Roadshow - News - 4 hours 25 min ago
The full-size, three-row SUV is big, attractive, luxurious and economical, and we're bummed it's not coming stateside.

Amazon to raise Prime membership in US to $119 from $99 - CNET - News - 4 hours 37 min ago
The 20 percent price hike goes into effect May 11 and hits existing customers' renewals on June 16.

MoviePass may have retired unlimited movie ticket option - CNET - News - 4 hours 43 min ago
The ticket-a-day package went away earlier this month, and the CEO says he doesn't know if it will return.

If you're looking for bad news about Microsoft, top tip: look away now

The Register - 4 hours 51 min ago
Satya's on several cloud nines – as in, billions of dollars

Microsoft's boss Satya Nadella march into the cloud seems to be paying off for the Windows 10 and Office 365 giant: on Thursday, the biz announced its sales for Q3 2018 jumped 16 per cent.…

​Amazon's sales surge as possible Trump backlash looms - CNET - News - 5 hours 16 min ago
The e-commerce giant posts another blowout quarter and renews its streaming deal with the NFL. Even so, it faces potential challenges from the White House. Plus: Annual US Prime fees were raised by 20 percent.

Cut-price genes

BBC Technology News - 5 hours 18 min ago
Low-cost genetic testing coupled with health data analysis is promising to transform medicine.

Cool purple accessories for your cool purple Samsung Galaxy S9 - CNET - News - 5 hours 19 min ago
From a wireless headphone to a USB hub to rugged phone cases, everything's coming up purple.

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